Custom Mild and Stainless Headers

GPHeaders’ Custom Header Mockup Kit allows you to design a set of truly custom headers without the vehicle ever leaving your location. We supply our customers with mockup header flanges and collectors along with our adjustable aluminum mockup elbows (see img. #1) allowing you to design any header imaginable.

These mockup header components are sized for PVC tubing (see img. # 2) which are used to easily and quickly connect the “bends” of the header.

Header Mockup Kit - GPHeaders - Barnesville MN
(Img. #1 Header Mockup Kit)
Header Kit Mockup Elbow - GPHeaders - Barnesvillle MN
(Img. # 2 Components sized for PVC tubing)

Custom Header Pricing

4 Cylinder 6 Cylinder 8 Cylinder
Mild Steel $1200 $1800 $2400
Stainless Steel $1500 $2250 $3000

Prices above are for guide only. Prices may increase or decrease depending on material, tube size, collector style, header finish, etc.  Since every application is unique Contact Us for a quote on your next set of Custom Headers.

Small Block Chevy Header Mockup Kit - GPHeaders - Barnesville MN
Custom Header Mockup Kit
Stainless Small Block Chevy Header - GPHeaders - Barnesville MN
GP Headers finished Stainless Header

Header Materials

At GPHeaders, we believe in serving our customers the best products possible at a reasonable price. Our mandrel bends are created from American made ASTM A269 304 Stainless tubing. From there we use a combination of in-house bending and aircraft manufacturers for our mandrel bending. Most off the shelf headers are made with ¼” or 5/16” thick flanges which lead to warping and header flange sealing issues.

Our flanges are CNC laser cut from 3/8” and ½” thick material. After they are laser cut, they are trued up in-house. This keeps our header flange cost to under half of the cost of having a CNC machined flange done. As with all of our header fabrication, our collectors are built in-house. We offer custom headers built with weld-on-formed collectors, slip-on-merge collectors and double-slip-merge collectors for turbo applications. Since all of our merge collectors are built in house, we have complete control, assuring they are built to your exact specs.

Cost of building your own Stainless Headers

To anyone who has built their own set of headers that is not a full-time fabricator, we strongly encourage you to put a fine pencil to how much will go into your header build. All too often we have customers who thought our prices were too high, but came to realize they would have saved time and money using our PVC header kit instead of self-sourcing comparable components. Let’s do a quick breakdown of a build that is equivalent to a $2200 stainless header done by GPHeaders.

(2) Header flanges $260
(12) Mandrel Bends $516
(2) Merge Collectors $543

These numbers are an average from online companies with similar components used by GPHeaders. This puts your average header build at $1319 before any work has even been done. Our PVC mockup kit can ben done in a few hours compared to the possible multiple days building your own headers.

Custom Header Mockup Kits are available to help cut down the build time, but can run between $600 to $1500. All of that being said there is still a great deal of overhead not taken into account, such as welding and tube cutting equipment, welding gas, filler rod, and extra mandrel bends for the errors made during the fabrication process. All these factors can easily drive your header to build over the $2200 mark.

Don’t DIY headers. Save yourself time and money and let us create the perfect header for your vehicle.

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