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Factory Five 351W Header - GPHeaders - Barnesville, MN
Factory Five 302W Header
September 28, 2018
Big Block Chevy Pulling Truck/Upright Header - GPHeaders - Barnesville, MN
Sonny’s Pulling Truck/Upright Header
September 28, 2018
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Big Block Chevy Pulling Truck/Upright Header


  • Please specify head angle if your BBC is not a standard 33 degrees from vertical


Pulling truck headers serve a dual purpose. The primary purpose is to allow the engine to continue to run and expel exhausts gasses quickly even after the power of the engine has topped off and continues to run. Trucks continue to pull at max power curves to achieve their pulling distance goals. The second reason is to simply look stunning. Part of pulling is all about looks and wow factor. GPHeaders can build you the ultimate set of pulling truck headers that will both outperform the competition and look amazing. We can truly build custom – per application headers that will be 100% geared towards the performance of your pulling truck engine. Naturally aspirated or Turbo applications, we can do it all. All of our header components, collectors, mandrel bends and manifolds are made by hand in the USA with American sourced 304 Stainless Steel. Contact us now and let’s talk about your Pulling Truck header Application.  Our headers come standard with true merge collectors so there are no hidden fees for a better performing part.  FOR STEPPED HEADERS PLEASE CALL (218) 493-4251 

Headers are built to order and may take 1-2 weeks to ship

Upright Header Fabrication Details

The following list of header specs will assist us in efficiently and accurately fabricating your set of headers. Please follow the supplied instructions and fill out the following form.

  • (list all if header is stepped)