Frequently Asked Questions

This Custom Header FAQ; Frequently Asked Questions section is the most commonly asked questions regarding our header mockup kit. GP Headers Inc. Will help you get your project on the road with our unique and easy to use custom exhaust manifold / header mockup kit. Please have a look at the questions below if you are questioning if this kit is for you or are having trouble figuring out the system for your application. Of course feel free to call us anytime you need help before ordering if you have a question that is not covered here.

Why use PVC?
What is included in the mockup system?
What in addition do I need to get started?
How many Connections are in the kit?
I’m not sure what kind of design I want, or have a complicated primary pipe route what do I do?
How difficult is the header mockup system?
What is the best and easiest way to get started?
I have a unique application or uncommon engine. How does this work?
How do I secure everything in place?
How do I determine the primary pipe size?
How do I determine my collector size?
What is clocking and do I need to clock the primary tubes to the collector?
How can I achieve equal length primary tubes?
My mockup is flexing too much because of weight on the secondary pipe. How do I fix this?
The PVC is too bulky and I cannot make connections, how can I fix this?
Can you include a flex connection?
Can I mark a location for a O2 bung? Wideband?
What finishes are available?
I’m done but really worried about clearances what do I do?
I’m done with my mockup what do I do now?
What is the turnaround time?
I have an application that is unique and want to have you make these so I can market these on my own. What do I do?

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