Turbo LSR Corvette
October 19, 2022
Big Block Drag Race Malibu
October 8, 2019
Although most of our work is done online and shipped to customers we also do custom fabrication work in house at our shop in Barnesville, MN. This 1953 Promod Corvette was brought to us for a custom twin turbo setup. The engine is a Proline 481x running a pair of 98mm Garrett turbos. When putting down over a whopping 4000HP on the hub dyno these engines require large 2.5” primary tubes to allow them to breathe when making over 50lbs of boost. These types of applications are our specialty and this is why we see a nice flow of both online and in shop work. If you have a project you are considering to be completed by us, reach out we are happy to talk and hope to see you soon.